It’s a Pee-Weekly!


Unless you've been hiding under a rock (or in Eagle Rock), you've probably heard the buzz that Pee-wee's Playouse is back! Pee-wee Herman and his gang of puppet pals and human friends will be gracing Club Nokia with their wacky presence throughout the month of January. So, Yelp's own Katie B (bow) tied Pee-wee down on Chairy to get his take on a few LA-ish things… 

Katie: We love all the old favorites, but if you were to recruit new characters for the show, which LA locale would you head to first?

Pee-wee: Pink’s Hot Dogs because the line is long and I would really get to interview people and grab a great snack in the process.

Katie: Angelenos do their best to "green" up their lives. If you incorporated an environmentally friendly character, what would it be and what name would you give it?

Pee-wee: Compost-y, who would tell people about whatever composting is.

Katie: Since your preferred method of transportation is a bicycle, is there a particular path you enjoy for a leisurely ride?

Pee-wee: I enjoy racing the skaters on the Santa Monica bike path

Katie: Your quest to learn how to fly continues with the new stage production. If you were finally able to do it, and fly all over the world, what LA landmark would remind you that you were hovering over home?

Pee-wee: Randy's Donuts.

Katie: Your signature style piece is the bow tie. What boutique would you recommend for fans looking to make their own fashion mark?

Pee-wee: Home Depot.

Katie: If Jambi could grant LA one wish, what do you think she would wish for?

Pee-wee: A 500-foot slip-n-slide at the Santa Monica Pier.

Katie: If a regular Angeleno was looking to experience an atmosphere similar to your Playhouse, where in LA should he or she head?

Pee-wee: Gehry has said that the Walt Disney Concert Hall is an homage to the Playhouse. And the Beverly Center.

Katie: Back in the day, the Pee-wee Herman Show played for five sellout months at The Roxy Theatre; what’s your fondest memory of that time?

Pee-wee: Getting into Spago without a reservation.

Katie: You made your first live appearance at The Groundlings back in 1981. The area has changed immensely, but is there a particular bar or restaurant you frequented that is still there?

Pee-wee: It’s all about Club Nokia right now. (I am contractually obligated to say that.)

Katie: I'm sure you've seen your face at toy stores and novelty stars all over. Where's the most surprising store you've come across Pee-wee collectibles?

Pee-wee: I hear dentists are putting grills that spell out "Pee-wee" in pure gold.

Katie: Your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame shares the same address with Hollywood Book & Poster Co. Have you and Globey ever popped in to say hello?

Pee-wee: I’m sure that’s brought them a lot of business! Globey bought an atlas in there recently.

Katie: Speaking of which, since you rely on Globey for all of your “worldly” information, what do you think he would say about LA?

Pee-wee: Go Dodgers.

Be sure to catch Pee-wee and his crew at Club Nokia from January 12 to February 7. Check out the details here.