Roaring 20’s Halloween Melt Down in Palo Alto

The Roaring Twenties were a time of social and artistic expression. And judging by the plethora of stunning flapper dresses, Gatsby T-Strap shoes, black and white pin-striped suits, fedoras, head-bands, boas, Tommy Guns, Bonny and Clyde get-ups, and yes, even a "We Want Beer" prohibition sign at the Silicon Valley Yelp Elite Event at swanky Melt Lounge in Downtown Palo Alto last night, it looks like 2009 is finishing with a creative "roaring" bang!

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South Bay yelpers arrived at low-lit Melt ready to party. Hats were cocked to the side, black patent shoes glistened beneath Melt's stunning chandeliers, while couples in matching black and red 20's outfits made themselves comfortable on the chic zebra print chairs and cozy crimson booths.

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Dapper and sleekly dressed yelpers sipped on delicious Rain Organics Vodka cocktails, and toasted cold Firestone brews, while snacking on Melt's piping hot postickers, fresh vegetable and chicken filled quesadillas, and crispy fries. As the night progressed, guests loosened their suspenders, adjusted their feather adorned head-bands and made their way to the dance floor upstairs to jam out to the DJ Dan Wallace's rockin' mix: of everything from MGMT classics to Lady Ga-Ga. Come the end of the event, the dance floor was a sea of roaring Zoot suits and fringed dresses. There was even a 1920's surgeon caught boogying it down!

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The days of Prohibition are long gone, but it was evident by the the recounts of the great times to be had, as well as the pics from last night, including those from Carol L, that the Roaring 20's are still alive in Palo Alto! Huge thanks to Melanie and her staff at Melt for hosting us!