To Solicit or Not to Solicit?

Recently, there’s
been some discussion about a restaurant offering a 20% discount to
entice patrons into reviewing the establishment on Yelp
This is an issue we see occasionally, so we thought we’d take this
opportunity to talk
about why this isn’t a great idea, how Yelp works to create an
authentic experience for consumers, and how small business owners can
embrace Yelp while avoiding potholes like these.

As a general rule, Yelp has advised business owners not to offer
incentives for reviews
. For starters, paying
people to write reviews about your business is another form of shilling and
that’s just wrong.
Second, very often you’ll offend a customer and the offer will be
quickly outed in your reviews, resulting in unintended negative reviews
and/or negative publicity. Finally, it’s typically a fruitless exercise.

Why? In an effort to minimize spam and maximize trustworthiness of the site’s content, Yelp actively weeds out suspicious reviews through a combination of community self-policing and automated filtering;
aggressively solicited reviews can ring hollow at times and end up
flagged by users or the website for removal. The system is designed to
ensure the reviews consumers rely on are as authentic and useful as

If you own a business, you might be wondering “Okay, how am I supposed to get reviews?” Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media
just ran a great piece on how businesses should get involved on Yelp
here and Robert Scoble of building43 interviewed a business owner about his experiences with Yelp in the video below. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Unlock your free business page via Why?
Not only can you upload photos and edit listing information, but you
can add information about who you are, your history, as well as track
overall traffic to your page. This also ensures that Yelp will include
your business page in search results we provide consumers.

2) Post Sales and Special Offers.
Yelp gives business owners a free way to promote themselves via the
site and our wildly popular iPhone application. With more than 14,000
offers on Yelp worldwide, this is a great resource to help
consumers discover and try new businesses on the go while
simultaneously saving money. Business owners, this is also a great
mobile means for you to attract Yelpers in the door without outright
asking for a review.

3) Respond
to reviews. Feeling irked by that stray negative review? It
eventually happens to everyone, and you shouldn’t take it personally.
Unlocking your free tools allows you to respond privately and publicly
to your reviews. We recommend being diplomatic in your response.
There’s some great tips from other business owners at

4) Focus on
great customer service. If
you build it, they will come. By investing a few minutes in your
listing and using as a reputation-management tool and
word-of-mouth barometer, you will attract new customers through Yelp.
Those who discover you through Yelp, in turn, are much more likely to
share their experience with your business via a review on Yelp.

So, while we definitely encourage business
owners to engage with their customers and, of course, get creative, what has made Yelp stand
apart is that we cultivate real experiences — and the best ones aren’t solicited.