New York Elites Get Blessed at MEGU!

Last night certainly put the "elite" in Yelp Elite when a hundred of Manhattan's finest descended on the swanky Kimono Bar at MEGU in Tribeca. Greeted at the door by trays of Takara Sake, Lucy L couldn't kick her addiction to the clear cool stuff and may have consumed "more than half bottle of sake" throughout the evenings festivities. Get that girl some water! The bartenders, Erik and Jacqueline, kept drinks a-flowing from behind the bar for yelpers like Sisi Z and a resilient Roderick A who preferred to quench their thirst with the Double Cross Vodka Geisha Punch that Rod described as: "sweet and strong and delicious. Like Craig."

And that's just the drinks! When it comes to gourmet cuisine, MEGU is the master of fine Japanese dining and they certainly didn't hold back with sushi and appetizers galore. Salted edamame blossomed from side tables while the sushi bar was stocked with spicy tuna, eel avocado rolls, dungeoness crab rolls and  endless amounts of nigiri topped with hand-shaved wasabi. The flawless staff, Malik and Colin passed gorgeous trays of Crispy Okaki Asparagus, Kobe Beef Croquettes, Tuna Tartare, and Kanzuri Shrimp–a selection that turned our Yelp Elites into human piranhas at ten minute intervals. As Abigail M says: "Holy kobe beef balls! This was the best food I've ever had at a Yelp event." Amen, sister!

The plentiful cocktails, sakes and satiating eats kept all the yelpers in good spirits as they tore through the brand new Elite gifts: The Yelp Lunch Box! Each Elite at the party received their new gift and we'll try to get the rest out at the upcoming NYC Elite Events

HUGE thanks to MEGU for hosting such a top-notch event, I'm sure we'll all be returning for the Weekly Recession Specials very soon! Check out the reviews, photos and talk thread for more of the fun stuff!

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