Mobile Mania Part Deux: Yelp for iPhone – This one’s for my homies.

When we first created the Yelp iPhone application a year ago, we focused primarily on creating a useful tool for finding great local businesses. The second generation was geared towards allowing you, our loyal Yelpers, to contribute from wherever you might be. This time around we’ve gone above and beyond: the newest iteration of Yelp’s iPhone application launched today, and it is delivering iPhone users even more community-focused aspects of Yelp! 

Yes, that includes the ability to engage in Talk, Complimenting and Useful, Funny, Cool (UFC) voting from your iPhone. 

But we didn’t stop there. We’re taking our wildly popular Sales and Offers Near You feature to the streets; now you can hear about everything from a Happy Hour to a haircut in your hometown while on the go, and make the most of your money (American, Canadian, Pound Sterling or Euro!). Business Owners, this is also a great mobile means for you to attract new customers in the door (just claim your free business page at to get started!)

And to make sure you didn’t get lost on your way to all these great businesses, we rounded off this release by leveraging the 3.0 features of the iPhone: we are pleased to introduce Moveable Maps! Now you can move around Google maps on searches, as well as narrow in their search results.

Because we like you.

So what are you waiting for? You can download the app on your iPhone directly or via the iTunes App Store.  There’s so much out there to see and do when you look at the world through the Yelp lens.

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