Yelp Seattle Keeps It Royale!

Seattle Yelpers from far and wide came out in masses last night for a pre-grand opening party at the new Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill. Yelp partied it up before the public and the media at our very own Cupcake Happy Hour at their beautiful brand new store!

Over 100 of Seattle's finest (Yelpers) enjoyed eating, frosting, sprinkling, eating, licking, imbibing, and consuming the new and improved (and extremely delicious/ decadent) cakes from Seattle's beloved cupcakery, Cupcake Royale. Now with 66% local ingredients and a cake recipe that's been taste tested (mmm…) over 100 times before rolling out, these tasty cakes are now, in their words: "moistier!"

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With Red Velvent, Orange U Glad, Skagit Valley Strawberry, Salted Caramel… just to name a few, Yelpers took the challenge of consuming as many as humanly possible. Quite possibly the flavor of the night was the Skagit Valley Strawberry: moist, vanilla cake, topped with strawberry frosting made from Skagit Valley Strawberries.

A spread of cheese, bread, fruit and crackers kept us from sugar overload (not really). Beer, cava, and espresso drinks were the perfect accompaniments to what was easily one of the tastiest happy hours to go down in Seattle.

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Yelpers learned the legendary Cupcake Royale swirl from the folks behind the madness, and frosted and sprinkled their own cupcakes at the FYOC/ SYOC (frost your own cupcake/ sprinkle your own cupcake) bar. Each person left very full, with a Cupcake four pack of their choosing, a goodie bag, and a sugar high that rivals the one you might have after partaking in a Top Pot donut eating contest.

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A huge, HUGE Thank you goes out to the hard working party people at Cupcake Royale, Jody Hall, Carolyn, Tamara, Jessie, and all the other fabulous folks who made this event possible! Thanks to Valentina V for snappin' pics. Check out her photos on Flickr, and see what others are saying in the reviews!

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If you're in Seattle, make sure you visit the new location at 1111 East Pike Street on Wednesday, July 22nd when they open to the public. The space is incredible, the stained glass cupcake- amazing, and the cupcakes: divine.

Until Next Time Seattle…


Katie S