Toronto Yelpers Will “Never Forget Their First” Elite Event!

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This past Tuesday, nearly 70 Toronto yelpers descended upon Salvador Darling, a beautiful hidden gem in the heart of Parkdale to enjoy the city’s inaugural Elite event! They say that you never forget your first, and this was certainly the case as yelpers marveled at Salvador Darling’s eclectic décor, nibbled on an assortment of sweet and savoury snacks and glugged Mojito Diablos served from an enormous, ornate glass carafe. Yelpers also fanned themselves with the hottest cooldown accessory this side of the 49th – the official Yelp fan.

Cardmatch1 Cardmatch2 Cardmatch3

Upon arrival everyone was issued a challenge: to find their “yelpmate” – a match to the art card they were handed along with their nametag. Each original McSweeney’s art card was part of a pair that lurked somewhere within the depths of Salvador Darling, and it was up to yelpers to mix ‘n mingle till they found their match! What followed was a regaling of “first” stories – including trying to remember the topic of their very first review!

 Brownies Eggchair2 Eggchair1

We spotted Cailen S providing musical entertainment at the windowside piano and saw Erin J jazzing up everyone’s outfits with Yelp stickers. Brothers Dean & Xander L showed off their impressive (and yelpified!) “guns” and even engaged in a friendly arm wrestle at the bar top. And as hard as we tried, we couldn’t get Katrina L out of the Kubrick-esque, egg-shaped lucite chair that was suspended from the ceiling. Early in the evening we wondered if anyone would dare to climb in but within an hour there was a lineup to try it out!

 20090728-082  Stickers2 Stickers1

A colossal thank you to Salvador Darling’s Tanya Grossi, hostess extraordinaire, who ensured that the evening ran smoothly and kept our yelpers’ tummies full of yummy sushi and sashimi bites. Also mightily impressive were the skills of bartender PJ, who pumped out glasses of mojitos and popped off beer caps at a feverish pace, all while wearing a signature red Yelp t-shirt — he even had a nametag! PJ kept it all in the family with the help of his sister Kasey, who buzzed her way through the lounge tidying up and keep

Be sure to peep all of the fabulous photos taken by yelper Jeff Jewiss and don’t forget to add your two cents with a review on everything from chocolate chunk buttercream bars (mmm) to that curious throne with the ten foot tall back…

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