Philly Yelpers Tied One On at Kung Fu Necktie!

Classiness was in full effect last night at Kung Fu Necktie where elite yelpers showed up donning bowties and neckties.

IMG_0263 IMG_0287 IMG_0429 IMG_0298

Our brave bartender Zach F satisfied aplenty, filling up yelp cups with Leinenkugel Amber Ale and Pabst Blue Ribbon whilst concocting cocktails with fruit infused Feckin Irish Whiskey and vodka. Thanks to S&H Kebab House, yelpers loaded up their pita bread with dollops of hummus, cold cucumber yogurt sauce, stuffed grape leaves and a spicy tomato and pepper dip! We even spotted Hilary P soaking up the booze with the fresh offerings!

IMG_0409  IMG_0373 IMG_0301  IMG_0329

It was tough prying yelpers away from the bar, but when break-dancers took the stage, all eyes were on their speedy moves and chiseled abs! When the performance was over, elites bellied back up to their cocktails while others tried their luck at the pinball machine!

IMG_0368 IMG_0328  IMG_0425 IMG_0330

A big thanks to Jim Herman and the rest of the staff at Kung Fu Necktie for making it a fun filled evening! Check out the complete set of sexy-packed photos snapped by Michael F ("Ferry") and read what partygoers had to say here. For all the juicy secrets of the night's happenings, make sure to read the talk thread!

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If we missed you this time, hit up your elite calendar and RSVP for the next event on August 11th! What are you waiting for?!

Til then, SYOY,

Monica S