Seattle’s Yelp Elite get Fabulous at El Gaucho!

Seattle Yelp Elite squad got the chance to party like rock stars at the fabulous New Bellevue El Gaucho on Friday night!

This party was definitely 'above it all' on Friday night as Seattle's lovely Yelp Elite made their way up the sweeping staircase to El Gaucho's private second level. Boasting a spectacular view overlooking the main floor below, it made for the perfect setting for what will most definitely go down as one of the most fabulous Elite events in Seattle Yelp's history!

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Thanks to Pearl Vodka, Yelpers & their guests imbibed on tasty Pomtinis & Sugar Plums, martinis, gimlets & gibsons, as well as and wine & Rollick Amber Lager from Pyramid Brewing. Our fabulous bartenders shook and poured all night long as the Seattle Elite and their guests partook in tasty libations, some gorgeous scenery, the fabulous live music, and the food.

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Ohhh… the food!! The glorious, glorious spread that just wouldn't quit. And that, my friends, is an understatement!

From the perfectly aged filet-mignon (28 days, mind you) hand carved at the carving station, to the Gaucho Mac n' Coastal Cheddar Cheese… the beautiful tiered silver platters of Dungeness crab claws & jumbo shrimp (shrimp as big as Maureen K's hand, she attests) cocktail kept reappearing like magic during the party, every bite was absolute perfection, Yelp Elite and their guests savored every moment of this grand evening. Tres B actually admits to consuming "62, no… 191 shrimp" throughout the course of the evening, but who can blame him. They were scrumptious. Massive boards, piled high with cheese and fruits were a nice accompaniment to the tenderloin skewers and the Caesar salads, pumped out by the Caesar salad station. El Gaucho's infamous cheese bread was a big hit that night as well.

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Yelp Seattle's fabulous Valentina V snapped the night away, capturing all this fabulousness as a reminder of a truly amazing evening, while Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer graced us with our presence momentarily, chatting with yelpers briefly about the evening's event… even being so gracious as to posing for a photo. Hey Steve, People Love You on Yelp!

The grand finale of the night was definitely grand! Bananas Foster, anyone? The resounding response: "Yes, please… and lots of it !" Flambeed to perfection, this was no doubt, the highlight of the evening. While Kerrie L quite enjoyed the delicious dessert, but would like to apologize, as she's "sorry she so uncouthly just took a banana that had not yet been flambeed and ate it with her hands."

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A huge, HUGE Thank You goes out to David and his charming, attentive staff for a hosting such an amazing party! Want more evidence that this event was nothing but completely fabulous & over the top in every way imaginable? Check out the Valentina's fabulous photos and reviews of the event here! Or better yet, make a reservation at El Gaucho for dinner… or check out their fabulous Happy Hour for yourself!

Cheers & SYOY!

Katie S