San Diego Yelp Goes High Pressure With Loren Nancarrow!


Channel 10's Loren Nancarrow just might have the best job on the
planet–being a weather man in San Diego! In a city that features 264
days of sunny skies annually and an average high temperature of 70
degrees year round, it's safe to say he's made in the shade. In this
edition of the Weekly Yelp, we sit down with the Emmy Award winner (and yelper!) to pick his brain about the greatest spots to eat, drink and be merry in America's Finest City!

Ruggy J:
If actual news personalities are anything like Ron Burgundy, they like
to cut loose from time-to-time. Any weekend spots you hit when you've
got some time away from work?

Loren N: Susie (Loren's lady) and I aren't big party animals, but we like hangin' at Pasquale's in Del Mar. We also like watching Padres games at Trattoria Firenze, because we can't get cable at our home in the sticks. And we've been known to knock back a few at Jimmy O's. Okay, maybe we are party animals after all….

RJ: Everyone in San Diego loves a good Mexican food joint, what are some of your faves?

LN: Jorge's Mexicatessen in Encinitas has some of the most amazing chicken soup I've ever had in my life. You gotta try it! I also dig La Especial Norte on the 101. It's so authentic, it's like being in Mexico… but without the headless bodies!

RJ: You've been known to get the in the water from time-to-time… where are some of your favorite surf spots around town?

LN: What I do isn't called surfing… it's more like flailing around! I like to kayak at Cardiff Reef when there's no surf. That's my local spot.

A lot of people might not realize that you're a big music fan. What are
some of your favorite local venues to catch a live band?

LN: I'm a big Belly Up fan, but the coolest new small venue is a tattoo parlor in Logan Heights called Two Roses. It's a tattoo parlor, barber shop, coffee house and music spot all in one. It has an asphalt back lot with chain link, topped with razor wire and a great view of the Bay Bridge… and it has a stage! It's a greaser punk spot and very cool. Nice people. My kid plays there sometimes.

RJ: Being a weatherman and horticultural enthusiast, what are some of your favorite "green" or organic places in SD?

LN: The Quail Botanical Gardens are really, really cool. I also enjoy the trails at San Elijo Lagoon and Torrey Pines State Reserve.

RJ: If there's one restaurant you couldn't live without in San Diego, which one would it be?

LN: Any restaurant with the word 'sushi' in it. Sushi on the Rock, Sakura
, Blue Fin, are my favorites. JRDN is the best new place I've
tried lately. Well, new to me anyway.

RJ: Being a nature aficionado, what's your favorite view in the city?

LN: Any spot on Harbor Island with the city in the background.
Killer view. Palm Canyon in Balboa Park is a must visit if you are
looking for a half-acre of Costa Rica without leaving San Diego.

RJ: Any other words of advice you'd like to share with Yelp San Diego?

LN: Fight hard for what you believe, and believe you can make a difference!

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