Yelp Philly’s Sideshow Adventure

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (well, boys and girls of legal drinking age) joined us for the biggest party Yelp Philly has ever seen. We transformed Tower Gallery into a sideshow for the evening, including the food and entertainment! 

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Five of the city's top restaurants offered up their interpretation of carnival food: Cantina Dos Segundos wowed the crowd with their chorizo corn dogs, El Camino Real spiced things up with their sausages, homemade sauces and chips, Rouge dazzled with duck fat popcorn, Bar Ferdinand made the evening sweeter with churros and sangria and National Mechanics brought down the house with their Frito taco extravaganza.
And the entertainment – oh! The entertainment! The lovely ladies of The Peek-A-Boo Revue treated us to a show (what a treat!), The Olde City Sideshow made us gasp in amazement AND disgust, Dr. Sketchy's Philadelphia brought out the artist in everyone and DJ Deejay got the crowd moving with all of our favorite songs (big ups for the LCD Soundsystem and Michael Jackson)! 

Yes, it was a beautiful crowd indeed, with lots of faces both new and old. Lots of friendships were made thanks to the tasty El Major Tequila and Combier Liqueur D'Orange margaritas, Oskar Blues beer and Honest Tea.  Luckily, photographer Jeremy Evans Thomas captured it all on film, and you can check out the evidence over on our Flickr page (as well as some sweet shots from our very own yelper Chris L!). And, of course, the reviews can be found on Yelp!

Thanks again to all who came out – it was the finest freakshow in town!

Yelp Philly Community Manager

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