Yelp for the iPhone Update

The latest version of Yelp for the iPhone is available now from the iTunes App Store.  Here’s what’s new:


+ Snap Photos!  Take a photo of your delicious dinner, the exterior of a shop, or the crowd at a club and upload it to Yelp from your phone. (You’ll need a account for this.  Get one here.

+ Results, Results – We’ve added “paging” to search so you can now browse listings beyond the first 20

+ Now with More Categories – From the Nearby tab, browse our full category directory to see clubs, hotels, Mexican restaurants, etc. nearby

+ Hello, Canada!  Now find great places in our neighboring country to the north!  You can also change your phone settings to Canada-ify all the distances in the app.

+ More Photos – Tap the top area of a business listing, then the  Browse More Photos button to, um, browse more photos for that business

If you haven’t already, download Yelp for your iPhone here.