Denver Yelp’s Brew-Ha-Ha

Thanks to our latest Elite Event at the Great Divide Brewery Denver yelpers can now tell you a thing or two about how to make some seriously strong brews! Great Divide, the 23rd best brewery in the world as Kym B tells us, served up Samurai rice beer, Titan IPA and Raspberry Ale alongside Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza‘s offering of, well pizza, and wings for Denver’s October Elite Squad event. And boy, was it a blast!

Denver yelpers took a tour of the brewery which created many reenactments of the intro to Laverne and Shirley. With all those bottles lined up, ready to be filled who can blame us? In between tours and learning, there was mini pumpkin decorating fun with prizes from the Denver Roller Dolls going to the cream of the crop.

And one of our very own elites served as photog for the evening. Kealoha V, let us know in no uncertain terms that not only can he capture the essence of a gummy bear, he knows how to use his camera on a crowd of people, too. Many, many thanks to him for the pictures of the evening. You can see them all here.

All in all it was a night that will be hard to top. But, we’ll try our hardest next month. Until then, fair yelpers, SYOY (See You On Yelp)!