Yelp Denver Gets Dazzled

As Mary Jo S put it, Wednesday night at Denver’s Elite Event at Dazzle "took us back to the days of the Great Gatsby when things were roaring hot." Luckily our elite yelpers and their guests rolled into the Jazz club to be greeted with refreshing Pink Lemonades and Orange Coolers as well as miniature servings of delightful foods. Dazzle outdid themselves with all the snacks they passed around, especially the spoonfuls of their infamous smoked 4-cheese macaroni!

All those flashes that kept blinding you were courtesy of Denny Greene and we thank him kindly for capturing our good times at the event. Thanks also to Megan W of Al’s Barbershop, Babooshka, Tattered Cover and the Midnight Movies at the Esquire for the raffle prizes the luckier yelpers walked away with.

Most importantly, thanks to all you Denver yelpers (and the party crashers from Austin and Olympia) for being so amazingly fun! Every time I see you all it just gets better and better. Until next time SYOY!

Your "Denver Yelp Princess,"
Tiffany C