Yelp Elites Explore 826’s Bigfoot Institute!

One of the greatest things about yelpers is that they’re always down to do the crazy. With every event we aim to broaden our repertoire of experiences and explore different parts of the city, from the beloved tried-and-true to unmarked territory!

This adventure took some deep on the orange line, other guests driving over an hour toBig3 join in the shenanigans at 826’s Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute. Founded by Dave Eggers to bring together community volunteers with writers of the future, this is the newest of seven 826 centers around the country all with unique themes to stimulate creativity such as pirates, superheroes and in our case the venerable, hirsute Bigfoot.

Kabir H went yeti tracking in full gear in the Simulactron as Joey T, Ligaya S (yes, there’s another one!) and Nick H joined in for their first Yelp toasts of UFO and yummilicious wines from Bin Ends! The varietals complimented the scrumptious Jamaican eats from Pepper Pot that guests piled high with glee. For Kristen P this foray into a new cuisine proved awesome! And Daniel M raved the chickpeas were so fantastic even the live fighting crabs would have enjoyed them.Img_0527_3

In the spirit of writing, Elites recited useful, funny, cool reviews. Big4Ben L shared his thoughts

about the translucent floors at the Apple Store "don’t wear a skirt"! Damien S conveyed just how irresistible Dave’s Fresh Pasta’s Cuban really is. And we learned
Jessika D‘s secret (hint: Venus) to being "one hot bitch"!

Resounding high fives to our hosts, Daniel and Hannah, John at Bin Ends, Harpoon/UFO, Elite wonder woman BarbaraAnn B of Pepper Pot, and of course the Leighann F and Miriam W (who came all the way from NYC to be with us) for their assistance behind the scenes!

Check out what guests are buzzing about in their reviews and take a gander at the wonders of the center and many a smiling face captured here! Hope you’ll come along for the fun next time…

Cheers & SYOY!