Sexy Mamas and the City

We’ve been noticing that more and more young parents and parents-to-be have been looking to Yelp to find reliable obgyns, hip maternity wear, child-friendly parks and fun baby boutiques, so we decided it was high time we did a daytime SF Yelp event for moms and dads and parents-to-be. Carrie Bradshaw’s hip style and complicated love life in the Sex and the City movie set the scene for the first ever Yelp Movie Screening for Mothers at the Presidio Theater.

Moms like Juanita C and Kristen N, new dad Josh M and mother-to-be Shoyi C came from all over the city with their beautiful babies and pregnant bellies in tow. It was an exciting day full of on-screen fun, Yelp popcorn and totes, adorable sleeping tots and wide-eyed cuties who gurgled with delight at Carrie’s fabulous wardrobe. Moreover, it was a perfect way to let moms and dads kick back, relax, and enjoy a big screen movie.

But it was actually Nicole G, Connie C and I who had the most fun watching the parade of precious yelpers-to-be enter and leave the theater, many of them sporting huge toothless smiles and their complimentary "Oops I Yelped in My Pants" bibs!