More Yelp in Your Pocket

In the beginning, there was Yelp. Then, we went mini with Yelp Mobile to bring all those great Yelp reviews to your cell. And now, for all you iPhone lovers out there, there is Yelp for your iPhone.

Use the app to search for places to eat, sleep and shop with a special iPhone twist: find places near you. We’ve got quick links to bars, restaurants, drug stores and coffee nearby. And if you want to search for something specific that’s close (burritos, Irish pubs, gas stations) we’ve got you covered there, too.

Once you’ve got your list of businesses to peruse, you can filter them down by price, neighborhood, distance and whether they are open now. So when you are starving for a slice at 2 AM, impress your friends as your deftly find the nearest open pizza joint. And of course, you can read reviews to make sure you and your friends will be not only full, but happy with your pick.

We’re excited about Yelp for the iPhone, and hope you are too. Download it now on the iPhone App Store.