Updated Reviews: An FAQ


Whether it’s your favorite splurge or a regular watering hole, every experience at a business is a unique one and deserves you telling its unique story.  We’ve seen many of you go back and add some of these stories to your reviews, so now we’re going to make it easier … and a little more official looking. 

Take any review you’ve written in the past, you should see links to "Write an Update" on the business page or on your profile page.  This will bring you to a familiar-looking page to submit your review except that you can now chronicle your most recent experience at that business, in essence, like a brand new review.

We’ve had a couple questions come up as folks have tried it out, so here’s a quick FAQ:

Q: How often can I write an update?
A: For the time-being, once a day.  We wanted to differentiate between an edit of an old review and an update about a new experience.

Q: Can I still edit my old reviews?
A: Absolutely.  Clearly differentiating an Edit versus an Update is important to us.  An Edit is more like a typo fix, a reworking of a sentence, a correction.  And update is intended to capture a whole new experience or opinion.  You will either see the Edit link on past updates or when you click through the Write an Update link, you will find your other reviews at the bottom of the page.  You can then select them to Edit

Q: How will this affect my review count?
A: It’s a different animal.  You will see a new stat to track in the left column of your profile page – the number of updates you have written.

Q: Can I vote on previous reviews?
A: Yep, each review/update has its own set of voting buttons. 

If you have other questions or thoughts, we’d love to hear them.  Email  Happy updating!