Boston Elites Visit HarPo Trifecta!

Temple3_2 Yelpers and guests celebrated a bout of glorious weather gallivanting down the Mass Ave strip between Harvard and Porter Squares to visit not one, but three grand establishments!

We kicked off the evening at Topaz and History, where guests were free to mosey back and forth following the trail of Yelp bursts on the sidewalk to enjoy UFO, Adina bevies and toothsome snacks which awaited us amongst the tempting racks! Tarah H sported her gorgeous find the rest of the evening, while Ali E ‘s happy discovery came in the form of music by acoustic guitar performer, Glenn Michael.

History2_2This marked a special occasion for Sisi Z, Holly M, Bo W, and Elaine M
, and many others who joined
us for their first elite event and were able to mingle with the entire crew after reconvening for libations and nosh at Temple Bar. After a few their cherry fizzes, everyone was especially making merry!

None of this could have been possible without our hosts Stacy, Rachel, and Rudy – thank you all for a spectacular evening! As displayed by the reviews, yelpers has an absolute blast!

Excited to share what we’ve got coming up in June too…

Cheers & SYOY!
Ligaya T