Philly Yelp Cranks Up The Volume

So the third Philly Yelp Elite event was so good that people are just starting to re-appear after having to take a few days off from the debauchery – wow! Our ever-growing community came out to Sonam on Wednesday, May 21 to enjoy their global tapas, and man oh man, did they ever deliver! Meat on a stick, sliders, goat cheese s’mores…we could go on forever talking about how they did us right by feeding us all night long. Thanks to Ben, Paige and the amazing staff that took great care of us – I can’t speak for everyone but I can’t wait to get back there for a sit-down meal!

And of course a big thanks to the dudes at Gray Kangaroo / 941 Theater for providing the yummiest drinks ever – the “Yelping Frog,” along with improv cocktails mixed with Function drinks (thank you Function!). JG from Pink Skull is only the most talented DJ in the city, so it was an honor and a privilege to have him in charge of setting the tone of the night with his unbelievable set (plus, he played “Business Time” in honor of my speech, so he automatically gets 5 stars for that right there :).

So many new, gorgeous faces joined our already kickin’ crew, and we were lucky enough to have Yelps’s own Miriam W and the brand-spankin’ new DC Community Manager, Kevin L, join us for the night. Love, love, love to you all – and if you thought this one was the best event so far, let’s just see how rock and roll we can get as we grow!

Carrie E.
Yelp Philly Community Manager