Whether Naughty or Nice, Lists Are Now Search-able

Yelpers have been listing everything from great hole-in-the-walls in San Francisco to fabulous boutiques in NYC. Now, you can do a quick and easy search for any-list and every-list that might
itemize your fancy.

Bookstores in Boston, chowing down Chicago-style, auditory delight in Austin, Seafood in Seattle–you’ll find it all.  But enough with the alliteration, it actually doesn’t make for the greatest search terms.  Here are a couple more lists I found with the new List Search that I know I’ll be using soon.  Korean BBQ in LA, life’s a beach in San Diego, cheesey cheese steaks in Philly.  It’s lists-of-lists-mania!

From the Welcome page, you’ll see the most recently updated lists near you.  Clicking on the "More" button next to those will bring you to the list search box.  Take a gander, search around, you never know what list-y treasures you might find.  And if you don’t find it, it’s never too late to make a list yourself!