Boston’s Tipple Magic

On a bright March evening, Yelp elites old and new flocked to Great Bay for an indulgent happy hour of spectacular hors d’oeuvres and delightful Beija cocktails. Guests were greeted by charming servers holding plates teeming with incredible nibbles from the sea: oysters with lobster, tuna tacos, cod cakes and shrimp and scallop ceviche (as captured delightfully by Kara S below). Who knew how wonderful seafood tasted with rum?!

After sampling each of the three concoctions invented just for us by master mixologists, yelpers were to vote on their favorite, the winner of which would make it’s grand debut on the spring drink list. The bartenders happily took to the challenge with gumption and pulled out all the stops, using unusual flavors and ingredients like Baerenjaeger honey liquor, Pimm’s and Campari to create smashing cocktails that brought out the flavors of the Brazilian cachaca. Anastasia R was a fan of the Bee Keeper, while Liz D "obliterated my last strands of charm and social graces somewhere around Brazilian #6."

Everyone was in the finest of spirits by the end of the night; Susan N was chatting away like she’s known everyone for ages, another yelper divulged that her current obsession is hairy Indian men – oh the things you’ll learn at Elite events!

ENORMOUS thank yous to the wonderful, generous and lovely staff at Great Bay, you all made the evening so enjoyable and delicious! And of course the Beija guys for bringing in the tipple magic!

Get the rundown and find out which cocktail triumphed straight from yelpers’ mouths (or tell us what you thought) here and peep these shots of revelry from Jeffrey H and Shannon B (click).

Cheers & S.Y.O.Y.,
Ligaya T

P.S. Want an invite next time?   This has got all the answers.