A View, a Brew, and the Yelp Elite Crew

2283563678_49fe99ef28 After months of putting the keys to the keyboard and enthusiastically authoring some of the most useful, funniest, and coolest reviews, the Yelp Houston Elite Squad finally got its day in the sun – errr, night under the stars, rather – at the Inaugural Elite Event.

The indoor and outdoor rooftop patio at the amazing Open City played host to the festivities, where Yelp Rocks martinis (cosmo and apple martinis with Pop Rocks candy-rimmed glasses, oh my!) were enjoyed by – you guessed it – the Yelp Elite Crew and their guests.  Of course, these Yelp Rocks martinis were put to good use, washing down a delicious array of Open City‘s "comfort food" samplings.  Although the lamb sliders seemed to be the clear crowd favorite of the evening, Cory O remained loyal to the honey butter (and walked away with her very own container!), while +1 Rolando R reluctantly shared his special order of the famous bread pudding with eager, sweet-toothed partygoers.

To say that the gathering was sprinkled with fresh yelptastic talent would be an understatement indeed!  Newly-anointed Elite yelper Connie B and her newly-aboard-the-yelpy-wagon hubby Trevor B mingled with the likes of fellow newcomers Katie S and Kymberlie M, while a few more seasoned Elites, such as Armando O, Cindy L, and Shao-Tai W divided their time between rekindling ye olde flame and ingratiating more fledgling yelping faces in Christa L and Rose K.  And the entire gang made a point to chat it up with Yelp Chicago’s Andrea W and Yelp Austin’s Kevin N while they were in town to lend a yelping hand for the event.

Deep in the heart of Texas, deep in the soul of Midtown, and deeply nestled amongst the buildings
on Open City‘s rooftop getaway, the Yelp Houston Elite Squad has most certainly emerged, yeeing and hawing all the way!



Want more visual doses of the tasty fun?  Check out the complete set of party photos!