Houston, We Have a Yelpy Hour!

2109725636_a836e2f6e9Tired sloganeering aside, make no mistake about it – Yelp Houston is alive and kickin’ deep in the heart of Texas!  On December 12th, brave Houston yelpers bore the uncharacteristically brisk evening, clawed their way through the (unfortunately) typical rush hour traffic, and scoured the area snapping up scarce parking spots to make their way to The Tasting Room Lounge in Midtown for the inaugural Yelp Houston Happy Hour.

2109723772_4e6e81ed8dIn a classy, lovely, yet entirely touchable space such as the one provided by our gracious hosts, a mix of brand-spankin’ new yelpers mingled with veteran yelpers to create a warm and toasty atmosphere for chatting the evening away, despite the frightful weather outdoors. 

Booked schedules didn’t seem to keep Shao-Tai W., Dolph W., and Jeff R. from sharing a glass of spirits with the lot before bustling along to their vicious evening commitmentsSarah P. slowly but surely conquered her nerves, and soon joined Mello M., Josh to the S., and Jolyn R. in entertaining the ladies and gentlemen in the "Fun Corridor" with their hilarious antics. 

More seasoned yelpers Cory O. and Lisa A. quickly discovered the Mediterranean-themed appetizer spread and the irresistible Malbec while playing social butterflies to newcomers like Armando O., Cindy L., Tatiana S., Jared L., and Melissa C.  Of course, any Yelp-related evening would not have been complete without the late yet notable cameo appearances of Adam O., Rolando R., Neil S., and
Brooke M.

2108950077_8f4ce0d3cfWhile the Malbec certainly proved to be more than the sleeper hit of the evening, the clear-cut winners were the yelpers themselves.  Armed with Yelp goody bags full of Yelpstick, Yelp nail files, Yelp koozies, and much, much more, the end of the evening saw an energized group a little lighter in its step, and a great deal heavier with the myriad of new friends acquired in a mere two hours.