Ever Worn Pjs to a Bar?

SavantwideWell, most of the Boston Elites hadn’t either until the spectacular PJ DJ brunch at The Savant Project
on Saturday where guests sampled the launch of the new menu, complete with blackberry basil mimosas and wasabi bloody marys.

Savantwinner_2A wicked noreaster didn’t stop yelpers from packing the house in their bedtime best.Savantsmooches Liza H was ravishing in a red feathered robe and curlers. Melissa C, Sue K, Beth E and Orly M joined in for their first taste of elite party mayhem while Brian D, Jon G, and Jessika D showed em how it’s done, a drink in each hand and a smile on your face!

To go along with the savant theme, sudoku, Snatch and other brain stimulating games were scattered about the bar to yelpers’ delight. Maria V, Nate Y and Damien S engaged in many a game of SET. For those who wished to get some kinesthetic exercise, co-owner Benny spun a sweet mix of tunes for Sarah R and Sasha R’s dancing pleasure.Savantset

Kudos and cheers to the folks at SP, Bobby (Barry), Renee, Chef Issac,
Benny and Luis, for three hours of hustling to accommodate the hungry yelp massive! In the spirit of sharing our good fortune and spreading the love, Chere P, coordinated a food drive where guests brought canned goods for donation amounting to 121 in total, exceeding the amount of people! Way to go, team!

Take a peek at Shannon B’s glorious photos and pine away until next month when you too might get to party it up with the Boston elite squad, cuz we be craaaaaazy.

All Smiles,
Ligaya T