For All You Graph Geeks

You might have noticed, starting last night, a little link added at the top of each business page called "Rating Details."  This is the first of a few new experiments on how to make the Yelp rating even more informative and useful.

The first graph, the Ratings Breakdown, shows you how many of each rating the business has received.  That way you can see if it was a close tie or if the average was brought down by a few outliers. 

The second graph, Ratings Over Time, shows the average rating on any particular day of the reviews written in the six months prior to that day.  It gives a sense of how ratings have changed with time. 

Phew!  Have we gotten too numbers-numbers here?  Well, if nothing else, sit back and enjoy the nifty way those graphs do that animate-y thing.

And while you’re there, check out the new options for sorting reviews on the business pages.  Quickly find and read the reviews you’re most interested in.  And did you see the "People Who View This Also Viewed These…" section to help you find other great businesses?  The Yelp Engineering Elves have been busy!