Yelp Elite Toddler Squad?

There w014_14as a
lot of speculation about whether, with the arrival of the Nishlet, my yelping nature would change or not. Would all my reviews be centered on where to shop and take little Dash, as this list might suggest? Would I be spotted with our Stokke stroller cruising around the neighborhood? What would NOPA do without my frequent visits?

Well so far, life has been a little slower, there haven’t been as many dinner outings and late night jaunts, but we did pull off some really stellar Elite events at Space Gallery and Prana during and around Dash’s arrival (021_21and have a good amount more in the works). And was it a coincidence that the August 28th Weekly Yelp was about cool kid-friendly places?

I’m already back at work, but am planning on taking more paternity leave in the next coming weeks and months (thanks to some great bosses). And who knows, maybe the formation of the Yelp Elite Toddler Squad (YETS) is more a reality than a dream… As for NOPA, I hear that Sundays at 6pm are when all the cool kids – and their kids – go to eat.