The Yelp(er) Art Show

This past August saw the first-ever Yelper Art Show, which ran from August 6th to the 19th at SpaColin_s_2ce Gallery. EntTodd_berman itled Collective: Yelpers’ Reflections on City Life & Community, the exhibition called for Bay Area
yelpers who happened to be artists (or have some inclination towards a medium) to submit all sorts of artwork on the subject of city life and community – two very "yelpy" themes – to be considered. 

The Panel – made up of the owners of Space Gallery and Yelp’s own graphic designer Michael E – went through tons of submissions and in the end selected a little under 30 yelper artists to be showcased. Just a handful included Howard
, Kevin
Lenea_mimpson, Andy Reed, Jennifer SimpsonAlice_s, Lenea Maibaum, Todd Berman, Tim Van LoanKai Haley, Colin
, Alyssa Campbell, Shayna Cohen, Amy Wright, Mona Brooks, Gabriel Rojas, and the evervescent Alice Stribling.

Thanks to our friends at Sake2Me, the 3 receptions we hosted for the 2-week
exhibition were even more lively, as each evening became something of an art happening. While almost every artist sold some of their work, the real enjoyment came back to the theme of the show, that being a true celebration of city life and community!