Seattle Elites sit down to dinner with Ethan Stowell

The Seattle Yelp Elite Squad took over the bar at Union, not once, but twice on Tuesday night. The early birds showed up, drank a few peach & prosecco bellinis, and then got down to the business of trying out the specially created chef’s menu. Bernadette E was pretty surprised that Tommy M went out of his comfort zone to try things like beef cheeks, and octopus, but she was even more surprised when he exclaimed "This is good!" Chef Stowell came out to chat with the adoring crowd and even gave up his secret to Lydia P on how he was able to make the octopus taste so fantastic. It’s braising, hours and hours of braising.

Shortly after the early bird party the night owls rolled in and enjoyed more than a few bellinis…keeping Chris, our fantastic bartender, hopping! Once everyone was sat down to dinner the praise started rolling in Brooke S was raving about the bread salad, and Lauren D is joining in on the "Scallops, scallops, scallops!" chant.

A huge thanks to everyone at Union for making this an excellent elite event!


Until next time ~ SYOY!
Michelle B