Out of this World time at Mars


Mars is the fourth planet
from the Sun and the seventh largest. Last night yelpers proved
that Mars is also a killer place to dance, grab a delicious bite, toast
yummy Yelp melon mojitos and Yelp 42s, and is an ideal outdoor spot to hang out
with friends. Yes outside. Marsshot_2
Old and new yelpers congregated at Mars yesterday evening to bask in the heat-lamp glow of Mar’s outdoor patio
and got down Yelp style in the music filled indoor bar area.

from Euge L, Connie C, Keane L, Bella W, and Ann W – to the celestial Mars staff  had a truly "out of this world" time. Bellaandanna_2

Last night it didn’t matter if you a woman from Venus or a man from Mars – everyone left with a stellar smile!