LA’s Elite Come Together For One Martinitastic Good Time at Lola’s in Hollywood!

Martini_1Apple martinis, absolute mischief and awesome memories were in the mix at Thursday’s LA Yelp Elite Party at the oh so Martinitastic Lola’s in Hollywood. Many a new elite popped by for a visit including Ciana P, Shauna D and Frederick G and Chris B, Senna H and Dave A, L’aura L, Caroline Y and Dave’s L and A.

Martini_lolas_1Other attendees included Roman T with a slew of lovely ladies, plus Andrew G, Ericka "Sparkles" L and Joan S, David C, Antonio A, Myko L, Leila T, JayChan H and Brandon C and Edgar C pictured here with the very flu-ridden Stephy S.

Yelp_shirtsAll in all it was a night filled with laughs, sweet drinks and oh so good times and if you missed out because your not elite YET, what are you waiting for?! Click here for the dish on how to get your elite status and who knows, maybe we’ll see YOU at the next partaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Ciao for niao and SYOY,
Stephy S.