Boston Munches on Brunches

Yelpers convened at Savenor’s Market for our first Sunday afternoon event to taste the flavors of Cuisine en Locale! Always punctual, Doris K and guest were first to sample delectable mini profiteroles with a Hungarian cream cheese and anchovy filling and lamb with a yogurt dill sauce. Yelpers like Jenny N and Andrew M soon came pouring in to taste scrumptious bites of rosemary olive oil bread and short rib on blinis. At her first event, Bevin C even sampled the exotic, a wild boar rib dipped in pomegranate dipping sauce. It was Kara S, Jim W and Mary R‘s Elite debut too. Kit Y popped over to enjoy vegan brownies and Taza chocolate. The sweets were divine; Kendra S especially loved the honey olive oil cake.

Towards the end of the afternoon our youngest yelper attendee, Owen, assisted Ligaya T in picking raffle winners for Savenor’s gift certificates and an enormous chocolate box complete with a cd of music to listen to while eating their treats. Trish F was the lucky winner of $25 gift card, and after half a dozen draws, a final swoop by Savenor’s owner, Juliana, Tracey N was awarded the choco package to the delight of her son!

Kudos to Elite yelper, Chef JJ G, grazie to Juliana and the great Sav’s crew (Julia Child certainly knew what was up!), all the servers for bearing yummies and Yi-Hwa H for snapping shots!