Yelpers Explore the Milky Way with MAP!

Boston yelpers are buzzing from our adventures at the Milky Way last night! CaterpillarFor Elites like Tyler B, Jessika D and Roni E this was their first experience of the magic of this JP institution.Laurambutt They got into the swing of things quickly, especially when Jack B busted out "Baby Got Back" and Jess and her booty bouncing partner, Laura M, showed us a side we’d never seen! Jenna C rocked the dancefloor with the caterpillar too!

YelpbabesRuss S and Sarah R conquered the mic with such ease you’d think they were regulars. And Miss W, well, they don’t call her Aretha
for nuthin’. Even Deepa C, Yi-Hwa H, Becki W, Tracey N and Chloe D who claimed to shatter glass with their crooning got on stage for a little Cyndi Lauper! Perhaps copious amounts of Smirnoff Source bolstered their confidence. Whoever the genius was that thought of putting grenadine in the bottle, our sugar highs salute you.Source

Was it Mike and Mark, bartenders extrordinaire?
Pour_2Or one of the other awesome MW staff members? Your team is fantastic, guys; un enorme bisous from Jeffrey H and resounding thank yous from our crew to yours!

A special muchas gracias to Morgan F and the whole MAP Boston squad for arming lucky yelpers with their rad planners and inspiring folks to collect neat info about one another! We learned that Susan J’s first concert was Raffi, Melissa B’s fave hidden gem is Buddy’s Truck Stop in SomervilleKristinmap and Yoora C’s most romantic spot is her futon. We’ve yet to see a review about that one, eh?Milkyway

Take a peek at a photo chronicle of the evening by the legendary Shannon B…  Hope you can all join us for more debauchery and silliness next time!

With smiles & <3, Ligaya T