The Yelp API is here

The Yelp team is excited to announce the launch of the Yelp API.

For those of you wondering what an API is, it stands for Application Programming Interface and the YelpYelp API
API will allow users to present Yelp data on their own websites or other web based applications.

The Yelp API enables subscribers to:

  • retrieve trusted business review and rating information for a particular geographic region or location.
  • display trusted review and rating information for a particular business.
  • determine accurate neighborhood name information for a particular location.
  • display pictures of highly rated local businesses and of the top reviewers for that business.
  • determine a particular business’ review and rating information based on the business phone number

Signing up for the API is fast and easy, all it requires is an existing Yelp account and acceptance of the API Terms Of Use and Branding Requirements.

Full details regarding the API are available from our new "Yelp For Developers" site.