Fair Trade Yelping in Washington, D.C.

Yelpdc_pangea_726_037 DC yelpers came out
en masse on Thursday, July 26th to sample panini sandwiches, wraps
and other delights while browsing the beautiful, fair trade crafts,
jewelry, home décor and accessories at
Pangea Café & Artisan Market.  Those
who made purchases were glad to know that their cash helps create
sustainable livelihoods for artisans in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Yelpdc_pangea_726_033The event hosted
new yelpers including Craig R, Adam M, Keely R and Eric C  as well as old school yelpers
like Alexis G, Kathleen M and
Angela N. Traveling the furthest distance for the event was elite yelper Allison
who came all the way from California to attend with Takaki K. Lively debates regarding
the upcoming chocolate chip cookie bake-off continued from the Talk boards
thanks to participation from passionate yelpers like Richard C and Lauren B. To view all of the action, click here.

Yelpdc_pangea_726_035Many thanks to
elite yelper Naoko M who hooked us up with Pangea and Vanessa F who helped make
the event a success!

We’ve got even more
fun lined up in August for the Yelp Elite Squad, make sure to check the
calendar for all the details!

Until next we meet again — SYOY,

MiRIAM wYelpdc_pangea_726_032