Yelp Explores Creativity

Don’t ask me why or how, but somehow I got tapped to be one of the San Francisco Notables for Creativity Explored‘s 3rd Annual Portrait Auction. I have to say, it was sort of exciting, I mean, having a photo taken is one thing, but an actual painting?

CE is about helpiNish_creativity_exploredng adults with mental disabilities use creative expression, almost as a form of therapy. The results are gorgeous on many levels, and it’s one of my favorite charities in the Bay Area.

The event was last night (April 12th) at 111 Minna. Phil M and I showed up around 7:15pm to find the gallery already alive. Look over there, it’s Beth Lisick. Hey, Marcus Shelby! Yeah, it was definitely cool to see so many cool local celebrities out for a good cause. And it certainly was cool seeing troubadour Jonathan Richman perform an acoustic set; I just went on Amazon and ordered some of his albums I was that impressed, he was even more of a hoot than when he was in There’s Something About Mary.

Sadly, I didn’t get to meet Nita, the woman who painted my painting, but I’m planning on stopping into CE in the Mission to see her at work on her next masterpiece, and I encourage you to do the same thing. Check out some of the other artists online, and get some of their work! CE Director Amy Taub is such a generous spirit (and a self-confessed yelp junkie)
, as our all the staff and volunteers involved with the organization.

Since I am posting this on the Yelp Blog, a personal highlight of the night was bumping into Josh Kornbluth and him saying to me, "Oh Yelp, cool, I dig you guys." I was speechless, despite my usually garrulous self. Oh, and who won the final bid on the Nish portrait? Amidst some heaving bidding, a certain Kristen N came out on top, go figure!