It’s Yelptini Time for Yelp’s Elite at Lucy’s 51!


Well MOOOOOOOVE OVAAAH David Hasselhoff cuz it looks like Thursday night’s Elite Bash welcomed in a brand new LA mascot for the night with our new friend Carson Daly! Oh okay, so he just happened to be there, but ya gotta love the guy for playing along! In addition to the celeb siting, many a good time was sipped, clanged and cheered last night at our Post-Valentine’s Day Partaaay at Toluca Lake’s own Lucy’s 51.

Owners Richard and Rican were there to join in the fun as yelpers like LBC’s Holly and Vincent T, SF Yelp’s own Brad P, Mama Yelp and Meg M and cutie pie Karri L sipped tasty Cosmo and Appletini’s. Also in the la la luuurrrhve house were yelpers David C, Andrew G and Robyn D, Darren Y, Ti B, Rachael W and Mike L, and so many more of you who made the night the awesome time it was! Other supa fun highlights included deeeelish offerings from Lucy’s kitchen like their yummy burgers, modeled here by the lovely Jenny J. Check out all of the photographic glory here, plus peep pics from Darren Y, Robyn D, Judy W and Corazon R! Thanks you guys, your shutterbug contributions are much appreciated!



GroupSpecial thanks to our fantastic door crew including LA Yelp’s new yelptern Nicole M, the awesome photo skills of one Jake Sones, David Surnow and his hilarious line of cards, Robert H for the tasty batch of Sees Candies and of course a BIG thanks again to Lucy’s 51 and to all of you troopers who made the big scary trek out to the 818! Hehe

Til the next one, have fun stormin’ the castle and if you missed out on this one because YOU aren’t elite yet, click here to find out more about our oh so cool squad!

SYOY! ~Stephy S