r u down w/ txt biz 2 phone?

SendtophoneWorried you’ll be in no condition Friday night to remember where Todd E‘s next DYL happy hour will be?  Well, now you can text that bar to your phone "b4 u go!"

On every business page, you’ll see at the top, under the business information, a link to "Send to Phone."  In just two clicks, you’ll have the location, phone number, and a link to the Yelp Mobile page for that business SMS’ed to your mobile phone. 

Cab needs the address?  No problem.  Need to change your reservation last minute?  No problem.  Want to check what yelpers recommend ordering while you’re at the restaurant?  Just click on the link in your text message!

You do have to sign in to send, but that way you can save your phone number for faster texting next time.  And as always, we promise we are not selling your information or spamming your phone.  Seriously, we’ve got better things to do.  Please do note, your cellular provider’s rates for receiving text messages apply as usual.  Double check with them if you’re not sure how that works.