Seattle Yelp Elite Squad – Prepare to Party!

Seattle Yelpers took over the VIP room at the always
gorgeous Ibiza Dinner Club to mix and mingle with the best company Seattle has to offer.
This may have only been our first elite event, but we set a high bar for
rock-star performance for all future events.

We kept our lovely servers hoppin’ up and down the stairs
with delicious white cosmos for all – Cosmos made with white cranberry juice
aren’t sticky sweet, but oh do they go down smooth. Sometimes too smooth, but
if you have found you’ve had a few too many and slosh some…no worries, it
doesn’t stain!

Ibiza’s small plates ensured
that none of us got too sloshy before our time. Noshing on fancy quesadillas,
tasty crab cakes, and gourmet pizzas made us all happy campers. Thanks to the
excellent kitchen staff at Ibiza we had full bellies.

So, yes, we yelpers had a rousing good time – feel free to
check out the photographic evidence for yourself

A special thanks to the amazing Aaron M. for being photographer extraordinaire of the evening, and Kimberley D. &
Charlie D. for snapping some of the more candid shots.

If you want to make sure you are invited to the next Seattle Elite
event be sure to check out

SYOY! Michelle B.