Yelp Mobile Optimized for Treo Smartphones

Mobilebloggraphic You’ve asked for it – and now you’re gonna get it. That’s right, after receiving requests up the ying-yang for Yelp Mobile, it’s finally here! Thanks to the cool people of Palm, we’re proud to introduce Yelp Mobile is optimized for the awesomely cool Treo smartphone. (My your profile pic looks quite sexy on the Treo!) If you don’t have a smartphone, fret not. Any web enabled phone will serve up a nice Yelp fix.

With Yelp Mobile you’ll be able to search for a specific business to read their reviews, or browse the most popular businesses by neighborhood and/or category. And here is the best part: you can enter a specific address or cross street location and find all the amazing businesses with in a one mile radius! Not sure how to get there? Don’t worry, we’ve also included maps to help you find your way. The current product is a “read only” experience. That said, we’re continually looking for ways to enhance our products and have already started working on other features that you might expect from us. 😉

Now Yelp’s by your side anywhere, anytime! We’d love to hear your comments about Yelp Mobile. Send them to us at