Tea and Spice and Everything Nice at Poleng

Talk about hot! And no we’re not talking about the steamy dance floor – but rather the great Yelp turnout at Poleng Lounge this Wednesday.  Yelpers were in full force, old and new, at one of our first late night events….and many kept the party going well after 11:00 pm.  Some of the Yelpers that made it out were: Cassio P., Liza P.  Stacy L.  Srinivas R. and Vanessa G.   Distillery 209 supplied the ammunition for all the great photographic moments (ah yes….we all have a few!) with some killer gin and tonics, while Poleng warmed up the front dining area with tea tastings and complimentary appetizers. Yum!  The night only got  hotter as Yelpers started busting out the risky dance moves, posing for wind-tunnel model shots, and throwing back birthday shots . Thanks again to everyone that was able to make it out and for those that weren’t, hopefully we’ll see you at our next event!