The Yelp Shirt Off Your Back

C’mon. You know us better than that. We don’t want you to give us your Yelp shirt off your back, we already have a bunch. What we do want you to do is send us your great photos of you in your startup swag. So, as the designer for Yelp, I’ve been mulling this idea around for awhile. Actually, some time back Jessica T. in marketing received a great photo of Jen M. in her Yelp shirt in front of the American Apparel building. So, Jess thought it would be a really cool idea to start collecting the photos of yelpers with their shirts in some cool setting. I agreed with her, so we’re going to have a little unofficial Yelp contest sponsored by me and Jessica. Send your photos of you in your shirt to with "Yelp Shirt" in the subject line (no deadline on this, just get it in as soon as you can). We’ll collect all of your smiling faces and put them in a Flickr set, and let you vote in the comments section of this post and whichever photo gets the most votes, we’ll get you some sort of special Yelp prize that Jessica and I think up. Hey, it’s an unofficial contest, right? We really just want all of these cool photos in one spot, ’cause they’re neat. Do we really need a better reason? So send ’em in!