Yelp’s Too Sexy

The catwalk wasn’t out but there was certainly some posturing, posing and pouting going on this Saturday, at Ernst Studios (aka our graphic designer Michael E.‘s home "studio"). The day marked the culmination of our Real Models Real Reviews Model Search – after receiving hundreds of submissions, our panel whittled it down to roughly 20 Yelpers who exemplifed the Yelp Lifestyle.

We retained Misti L.  – not just a Yelp Elite member, but also a professional photographer – to bring out the best in our subject matter. Under the lens, our Yelpers indeed came to life, reinforcing whPhotoshooty they were chosen in the first place.

Take a look at some of the "Behind The Scenes" photos on the right to see what we’re so jazzed about. We’re talking ladies – and men – with some serious yelp-itude! Keep in mind, these aren’t even Misti’s photos, just a mere glimpse into the inner sanctum of our creative process!

And without further adieu, here’s a list of Yelp’s Top SF models, look for them on postcards, billboards, cereal boxes, and as action figures: Mick F., Connie C., Tara G., Candice L., Claire C., Jonathan S., Kia B., Shanti Q., Kevin J., Katelin H., Nicole C., Rebecca N., Jill K., Miram W., Nicole I., Leroid D., Rachel R., Monica L., George M., Srinivas R., and Roxane S..

Too sexy it hurts!