Real Models, Real Reviews

I’m sure by now a lot of you have seen the bright red postcards, bags, posters and ads with our yelpers adorning them. While we lovingly designed these promotions and think the world of the yelpers on this stuff, it’s time to get some of you new users up on these things. I mean, you all are the reason that Yelp is what it is today with your great photos and witty reviews. Besides, those other yelpers had their time in the sun, now it’s your turn for celebrity status.

So we decided to start up the Real Models, Real Reviews campaign to put you in the Yelp spotlight. So check out the Real Models page for all of the details, but basically we need you to sign up on Yelp (if you haven’t already of course) and send us a photo and a quote from one of your reviews to enter the contest.

As the designer here at Yelp I’ll be working with Geoff and Jessica to pick not only you yelpers who are photogenic, but also exude the cleverness and Yelp-like quotes to match the photo you submit. So, get writing and start striking a pose in the mirror to get ready for your close up! We’ll let you know in early April if we’re going get your spot in an ad or on a postcard, so stay tuned…