Say Anything. Say Yelp.

Last night was a night to go down in the Yelp History Books. A couple of weeks ago, Yelper Russ T. approached us about the idea of proposing to his then girlfriend Marie M., also of Yelp fame.


He had already laid the groundwork by contacting the Clay Theatre, and they were thrilled to let him use the venue, on the house.

With the stage set, we plotted and planned a special Midnight Screening of "Say Anything," only open to the Yelp Elite Squad and their guests. The trick was to get Marie to invite Russ to the film, so as to be completely and utterly surprised when he, supposedly dragged to a chick flick, got down on his knees during the infamous boombox scene and proposed right then and there.

It wasn’t so hard in retrospect, since the John Cusack classic happend to be Marie’s all-time favorite film! With a little underhanded prodding from Kristen N., Marie, being a dedicated Yelp Eliter, invited her friends with a passion normally reserved for sample sales.

If you follow this Talk Thread, you’ll see there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, especially Marie’s! Congrats Marie, you’ve found your Lloyd Dobler!