Quack quack goes the duck

Duckads So, it looks like we rustled up ourselves a duck and slapped some Yelp stickers on it. C’mon now, we’re not that cruel, it’s not a real duck… A duck is a WWII amphibious vehicle converted to give people tours crusing around on land and in the ocean. And Yelp just teamed up with Bay Quackers to spread the word to all of our lovely San Francisco tourists and locals alike taking tours in the bay. In a sneaky little move, our own Bob Goodson finagled a swap in ad space to get us on the duck. We give them an ad on Yelp and they let me design some stuff for the duck. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

So, if you feel like playing tourist for a day or need something entertaining to show the folks the next time they’re in town, head on up to the Fisherman’s Wharf and give ’em a spin on these wacky things. Then point at the ads, make this shocked face and say, “Wow, that’s the Yelp I use to find all that cool stuff here in town.” Your parents will be so proud.