A Word on the Burst

BurstIt’s been called The Yelp Flower, Windmill, Pizza and even Trivial Pursuit Pies. Well, as the designer on Yelp I’m here to clear the air a little bit on our illustrious logo. I like to call it the ‘Yelp Burst.’ It’s the visualization of an abstract exclamation.

Catch all that? So, basically when I started on the logo I wanted to create Yelp! without the ‘!’ I mean, think about it, the exclamation point is so passe and we didn’t want Yelp to be passe. We wanted it to look fresh and exciting, so that’s how the Burst was born. It appears over the heads of cartoons in moments of discovery and even bears a strong resemblance to the onomotapoeia of a popping noise. Like a pop of self expression explaining to the world your opinion. Now you can go back to Yelping with a sense of enlightenment.