It’s a beautiful day in the Yelp Neighborhood

Hi Kids, isn’t it wonderful today? It sure is in our neighborhood. If you ever find  yourself down by Yelp HQ, there a few restaurants, bars, and cafes that meet our rigorous Yelp standards, or at least that we frequent. Actually, this is my own list so expect to see the rest of Yelp Team offer up their own suggestions…

For coffee: Tart to Tart, Cafe Madeleine (also good for lunch, try the pear & manchego cheese or bbq pork sandwiches).

For lunch: Mefhil Indian Cuisine, Zebulon (also good for drinks), Armani Cafe, and Canton for dim sum (Yank Sing is more pricey but also delish, always busy though).

For drinks: Varnish, (also a cool art gallery), Ame (at the hotel lobby bar, especially if someone else is buying), Sutter Station (this is the closest you get to the Mos Eisley Cantina in San Francisco, plus they have some, um, "lingerie" nights that must be seen to be believed).

For art: SFMOMA (their cafe is good for lunch or a snack too, and the store is great for cool gifts or for creative inspiration), Yerba Buena Center, MoAD, Cartoon Art Museum.

For reviews, and not just reviews, but real ones, from real people: Yelp

That’s a good start, shouldn’t I be working or something?