How can I Yelp thee, let me count the ways.

People often ask us what is our goal for Yelp. Revenue model? Plans to get acquired? World domination. Maybe some or all of the above, but my personal vision is to make Yelp a noun, verb and adjective all at once.

It’s easy enough to see that Yelp is a noun, after all it’s the name of our company and this website you’re on. Example usage: Yelp is the go-to site for finding real people’s opinions on their local city and beyond. A variation on this is the Yelper, or one who yelps. Another example: "I don’t want to forget about that male masseuse your recommended to me, can you send me a yelp about him?"

Yelp as an adjective, now this is sort of uncharted territory. An adjective modifies a  noun, as  in,  "That  Brandon has such a  yelpy personality, he’s  always chirping about  the coolest bowling alley, the  best  indie rock venue, or where to find  the Juan Valdez of coffees."  Or, "Have a  yelpy day," which loosely translates into having a day filled with urban adventures, dining experiences and/or shopping excursions that would at some point lead that person to want to share their opinions, preferably on a site like Yelp.

To yelp, in a verb sense, is pretty fun, it’s sort of akin to ‘smurfing” someone. It’s ambiguous but in a cute way, and you do get the general idea (as to whether Smurfette was getting smurfed by Brawny, well that’s not my place to speculate). Anyhoo, some basic usage: Last night, Jessica yelped so hard she almost cried. Or, "Did you check out the new laser light show at the planetarium, now that is something to yelp about."

So there you have it, well perhaps not according to Webster’s, but all the same… In conclusion, to borrow from the music sensation Frankie Valli, "Yelp is the word, it’s the word that you heard. It’s got
groove it’s got meaning. Yelp is the time, is the place is the
motion. Yelp [in a nutshell] is the way we are feeling."

Yelp Challenge: I will personally take out to dinner anyone who submits to me a really funny Yelp-style Madlib. Build your vocabulary, have fun, all at Yelp!